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Cover 'Strategic Supply Chain Design. Theory, Concepts and Applications. '

Werner Delfmann und Thorsten Klaas-Wissing (Eds.):
Strategic Supply Chain Design. Theory, Concepts and Applications.


Abstract: The Supply Chain View on companies, industries, as well as on political economies as a whole is getting more and more common these days. Having one strong root in Logistics, the development of sustainable concepts for Supply Chain Design is one of the basic and most challenging tasks of Supply Chain Management, getting more and more strategic in character. By bringing together genuine expertise from experienced practitioners and well-known scholars on Logistics and Supply Chain Management, this book provides a comprehensive overview about the tremendous diversity of topics and challen­ges prevalent in Strategic Supply Chain Design. Covering theoretical as well as practical issues, all 16 contributions of this volume amal­gamate into a com­prehen­sive and complementing overview about the current state of the art in Strategic Supply Chain Design. The variety of addressed topics ranges from general matters such as theory of science, organizational design, strategic supplier selection, financial resources, relationship management and e-business to concrete appli­cations in specific industries, i.e. automotive, retail, air cargo and consumer goods. Potential readership includes academics, students in advanced Supply Chain Management courses, senior supply chain managers and logistics professionals.

Contents: FOREWORD, PREFACE, PART I.: SUPPLY CHAIN THEORY AND SCOPE OF STRATEGIC SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN: 1. More than a buzzword - supply chain management as a scientific revolution? Outlines of a supply chain management paradigm. By Stefan Walter and Julia Wolf. 2. Logistics configurations and supply chain design. By Thorsten Klaas-Wissing. 3. Supply chain governance: a contingency approach. By Werner Delfmann. 4. Design and management of supply chain relationships - a theoretical framework. By Tage Skjøtt-Larsen. 5. Effects of horizontal relationships in supply chains - a five layer approach. By Peter Hans Voss and Carl Marcus Wallenburg. PART II.: GENERAL CONCEPTS AND DEDICATED PERSPECTIVES OF STRATEGIC SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN: 6. Get leverage from logistics. By Roy D. Shapiro (HBR Reprint). 7. What is the right supply chain for your product? By Marshall L. Fisher (HBR Reprint). 8. The flow of financial resources: an inevitable part of supply chain design activities. By Erik Hofmann. 9. Dynamic supply chain design: a quantitative approach for strategic partner selection. By Eric Sucky. 10. Time-based supply net design: time's dominance of dislocation. By Michael Schröder. 11. Customer requirements shape the e-fulfillment structures. By Aimo Inkiläinen. PART III.: STRATEGIC SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN APPLICATIONS IN SPECIFIC INDUSTRIES: 12. How to find the best supply model - vendor-managed-inventory as a major step towards integrated supply chains. By Edwin Fischer. 13. Supply chain design: a retailer's perspective. By Harald Gerking, Robert Kendzia and Andreas Fries. 14. Order to delivery (OTD)-strategies in the automotive industry. By Dietmar Bufka and Michael C. Hadamitzky. 15. The perishable air cargo challenge: the role of supply chain design plays in maintaining rapid and reliable global logistics services. By Benjamin Koch and Andreas Kraus. 16. Cost economies in transportation networks - theory and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) case study. By Benjamin Lüpschen and Kourosh Bahrami.

The Contributors are: Dr. Kourosh Barahmi (Henkel KG a.A., Düsseldorf); Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Bufka (Peguform GmbH); Dr. Edwin Fischer (Dr. Edwin Fisher Management Consulting); Prof. Dr. Marshall Fisher (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania); Dr. Andreas Fries (Henkel KG a.A., Düsseldorf); Dr. Harald Gerking (DW Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt/Main); Prof. Dr. Michael Hadamitzky (University of Applied Sciences Konstanz); Dr. Eric Hofmann (University of St. Gallen), Prof. Dr. Aimo Inkiläinen (Helsinki School of Economics); Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Robert Kendzia (University of Cologne); Dr. Benjamin Koch (Lufthansa German Airlines, Frankfurt/Main); Benjamin Lüpschen (Henkel KG a.A., Düsseldorf); Dr. Michael Schröder (TIM Consult GmbH, Mannheim); Prof. Dr. Roy Shapiro (Harvard Business School), Prof. Dr. Tage Skjøtt-Larsen (Copenhagen Business School); Prof. Dr. Eric Sucky (Otto Friedrich-University, Bamberg); Peter Hans Voss (Supply Chain Manager, Shanghai), Dr. Marcus Wallenburg (WHU - Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management); Prof. Dr. Ing. Stefan Walter (European Business School (ebs), Oestrich-Winkel/Rheingau), Julia Wolf (European Business School (ebs), Oestrich-Winkel/Rheingau).

Aus dem Inhalt: Foreword, Preface und Table of Contents

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